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Nylon Brights Set

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New Electric Hues Add Color Vibrancy and a Brilliant Pop to Your Designs

  • New collection of nylon swatches featuring the 21 most important shocking fluorescent shades provides designers developing products in nylon materials with an internationally recognised standard for accurate colour selection, specification and reproduction
  • Set of 21 1 ¼” x 4” loose format nylon swatch standards are conveniently packaged on a single ring for easy removability and generously sized to provide greater visualisation.
  • Hot nylon shades are ideal on their own or can be mixed together to create more intense colour schemes.
  • Each nylon brights swatch ring set includes a BHT-free amber UV pouch to protect the colours while not in use.
  • Includes COLOR MANAGER software download (a saving of £43/49 €) enabling digital design with all PANTONE Colour libraries
  • Of these 21 super bright colours, 14 contain flavine or rhodamine acid dyestuff; this qualifies them as “true” fluorescents in that they absorb invisible ultraviolet light and emit it as visible light, increasing the colour’s perceived brightness. However, colours containing fluorescent dyes are, by nature, less resistant to the degrading effects of light and water. There are treatments that can be added to increase colour fastness and durability. To learn more about managing fluorescent colours, visit www.pantone.com/nylonbrights/colorfastness

    Visit MatchPantoneColors.com for starting dyestuff formulations and in-plant local technical support.


    Every PANTONE nylon brights dye lot is evaluated against a master digital standard and must pass both digital and visual evaluation. All colours are dyed in Nylon 6.6, a much improved fiber for light fastness and wash fastness over Nylon 6. Click here to download fastness standards data and ISO specifications, as well as dyer’s notes and suggested markets for using PANTONE nylon brights.

    customer reviews

    average rating 5.00
    piuly farzana
    Jul 10, 2013

    TN 16-2130

    Jun 29, 2012


    Mar 19, 2012


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