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To order call +44 (0)1233 722 924 or email infoeuro@pantone.com

Now you can easily specify your favorite PANTONE Colours in plastic.

Large-size (7.5 cm * 4.5cm) polypropylene chip standard in your favorite PANTONE PLUS SERIES or PANTONE FASHION + HOME Colour removes the limitations from your design process by enabling precise colour communication and control of colour in plastics throughout the colour development process. Polypropylene chip material closely aligns with common real-world production materials, ensuring accurate color reproduction in your product. Corresponding pigment formulation and spectral data combines with the physical chip for the most accurate standard combination.

PLASTIC COLOR STANDARD Chips facilitate coordination across different product materials as well as packaging, advertising, collateral and Web, giving you full control of a product’s component colours and a consistent marketplace presence.

It's simple to get started.
Just select the colour you want from our PANTONE PLUS SERIES or PANTONE FASHION + HOME Colour libraries, then order as many or as few standards as you need.

For more information on PANTONE PLASTIC STANDARD Chips, please email infoeuro@pantone.com

Have proprietary brand colours? Pantone can formulate PLASTIC STANDARD Chips to match! For more information email infoeuro@pantone.com.

  • Larger chip measures 7.5 cm * 4.5cm in size
  • Chips have both gloss and matte finishes and tiered thickness of 1mm and 2mm to allow for colour visualisation
  • Individual chips available in all PANTONE PLUS and FASHION + HOME Library colours, as well as custom colours
  • Each chip is identified with the appropriate PANTONE Colour name and number
  • Polypropylene substrate closely aligns with common real-world production materials ensuring accurate colour reproduction; pigment formulations are also available in other plastic resins
  • Includes hole in top corner to enable palette grouping on rings
  • Spectral data and pigment formulations included
  • 7.5 cm * 4.5cm chip size facilitates colour visualisation and instrumental evaluation for optimum quality control
  • Chips available individually, so you only order what you need
  • Polypropylene standard facilitates matching on all other plastic substrates
  • The combination of visual as well as electronic measurement provides maximum colour control resulting in shortened colour development timelines
  • Enables easy specification using PLUS SERIES (Pantone Matching System) and PANTONE FASHION + HOME Colour palettes in plastic
  • PANTONE Colours are your benchmark standards used to set up your primary colour standards to be approved for production
  • As a quality control tool, the consistency and accuracy of PANTONE Colours assures reliable colour reproduction time and time again
  • Provides the most accurate and effective way to communicate and specify colour choices in plastic to clients and manufacturers
  • Chips of the same colour can be sent to multiple production sites around the globe and aid in the coordination of multi-component programs
  • As a production tool, any plastic standard chip colour can be selected and communicated throughout the world by using a PANTONE number
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