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Monitor & Printer Profiling

Advanced       Pro       Instant Color Identification

Pantone Monitor and Printer Calibration

Pantone solutions for monitor calibration and printer profiling. Digital designs demand accurate on-screen colour calibration. Even the most advanced monitors require colour adjustment for different lighting conditions and environments. Monitor calibration lets you control what you see on your monitor and ensures colours are accurate and consistent day-to-day, image-to-image, or on multiple systems for print, Web or video output.

Need help choosing the right Pantone monitor calibration product? Ask a PANTONE Product Expert to receive personalized help to fit your needs.


ColorMunki Smile
ColorMunki Smile £74.00
ColorMunki Display
ColorMunki Display £122.00
ColorMunki Design
ColorMunki Design £330.00


i1Basic Pro 2
i1Basic Pro 2 £922.00
i1Photo Pro 2
i1Photo Pro 2 £1,190.00
i1Publish Pro 2
i1Publish Pro 2 £1,770.00
i1Display Pro
i1Display Pro £166.00
ColorChecker Passport
ColorChecker Passport £69.00

Instant Color Identification

CAPSURE™ £459.00

566 New Reasons To Buy

  • The PLUS SERIES preserves all of the current colours of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® – which it replaces– while adding a host of contemporary colours, for greater design flexibility.
  • Exciting new PLUS SERIES features foster creativity and quality.
  • No new equipment or training is necessary to begin using the PLUS SERIES Colour system. Designers, prepress professionals and printers need only purchase new PLUS SERIES Colour Guides and Books to get started.
  • All of the new PLUS SERIES Solid Colours are printed using the existing 14 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Basic Colour Inks.
  • The new solid colours are printed at uniform ink film thicknesses, making them easier to match on press.

  • Learn more about PANTONE PLUS
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